🛠 Using Juxt.io to build a month-over-month Internet Traffic Report 📊

For many internet sellers, both individual and business, it is crucial to be able to detect changes in the popularity of internet websites and platforms. The Alexa Internet Traffic Rank data can be used to show which websites have growing or shrinking traffic. Based on that information, internet sellers can strategically target their efforts to websites/platforms with the growing audience. In this article, we will show you how you can monitor the traffic of websites by using Juxt.io with the Alexa Traffic Rank data.

We will start with a script to retrieve data from Alexa Traffic Rank which will give us the data file(s) that we will upload to Juxt.io. In this example, we have retrieved data for the month of July and August but other users may want to compare data daily. The data we are pulling is for the top 1,000 ranked websites.

Here is the script we used to retrieve the Alexa Traffic Rankings:

Once we have the data files, we can compare them using Juxt.io to detect any DataUrl’s that have had large swings in internet traffic.

You can view the Juxt comparison here. This Juxt used the following config.

The results are very interesting since you can see there are numerous examples of large traffic swings such as nbcolympics.com, wpengine.com and others. Any website that entered or exited the top 1,000 will be marked as a diff (e.g. highlighted in red). That feature is enabled by a new attribute named missing_value_is_break in the Juxt config.

We think using Juxt.io with Alexa Traffic Rank can provide valuable insights for internet sellers. Please let us know what you think. You can reach us at team@juxt.io if you have any questions.

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